The idea behind Richard Bona’s first NFT collection started at last year’s Art Basel Miami with NFTs becoming an important part of the modern day music business and art.

NFTs are unique crypto tokens that are digitally linked to assets and provide ownership proof for the holder. Music NFTs are digital assets that represent ownership of a piece of music. They are revolutionizing how artists can work, create projects and take ownership of their art putting the power back in the hands of themselves. Fans can support their favorite artists by purchasing their music NFTs. Through community ownership and blockchain technology, they are transforming the music industry.

In collaboration with Colombian digital artist Camilo Marino and honoring his African roots and the spiritual understanding of life energy (chakras), the two Miami-based artists created unique audio-visuals with music composed for the IMPACT-FULL collection. The future buyers of each piece will be the sole owners and listeners, as this music will NEVER be released anywhere else.

You can find the collection here: