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The Richard Bona Foundation – dedicated to providing scholarships, masterclasses and mentorship programs for young musicians. The project is based on Richard Bona’s track record of performing, working with the best names in the business and teaching all over the world – NYU, TED, universities in Europe, Africa and South America and diverse Masterclasses. The Foundation will aim to provide interactive learning, mental health awareness and alternative music learning practices. Music production, engineering, entertainment marketing and copyrights management will be some of the core components of the classes so young talents can understand the entirety of the music business and make a choice of how to develop their careers and use their authorship in their advantage – something Mr. Bona didn’t have access to growing up.

As one of the most accomplished international bass players, composers and multi-instrumentalists – he has a unique sound and vocal gift, continuously representing his African origins. His purpose, and the way he connects with his students has turned him into a staple name in masterclass programs all over the world for jazz and Afropop music.

“Music is healing and giving opportunities to children and young adults can be a life changing experience. I am committed to supplying solutions for independent music education to the ones who cannot afford it, in any way possible for me and my team by expanding our reach with partnerships and fundraising” – Richard Bona